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Play Store: Your Gateway Into Google’s World If it seems like Google is everywhere, it’s because this developer has cornered the market on fun and productivity on your device. Formerly Android Market, Google’s Play Store is now a hub of countless apps that you can instantly add to your device and use to your heart’s content. Discover how Play Store can improve your day with exciting apps for every personality.


To get to the Playstore – you can access the APK here:


The first area that you should explore is the game section. Look at the latest releases or search for a particular mobile app. Each game is represented with a colorful icon that you can click to read more. There are reviews associated with each game as well.

These games are constantly updated and ranked by both Google and fellow users. The most popular games usually turn up on the first page. Become one with the communities found within each game.


Enjoy thousands of songs at your fingertips with the music section found within the Play Store. Search for an artist, song or album whenever you desire. The app also adds in unique playlists for your perusal. Look for upbeat mixes, mellow songs or something in-between. All of your chosen songs are easily organized and accessed on the screen.

Discover new music as it’s released. The app can “learn” your musical interests so that song suggestions are tailored to your genres.


The news doesn’t have to arrive at your door in newspaper form. Use the Play Store to subscribe to news outlets and magazines. All of the information can be organized into categories, such as most important or by genre. Personalizing your news is part of this app’s charm.

Set up alerts for certain stories or simply browse through the selections. Today’s news is practically instantaneous, so you’ll always be aware of the latest stories from any outlet.


Get to know the latest authors with books found on the Play Store. Download a purchased book so that you can read it anywhere. There are well-known authors as well as the newest writers to the circuit.

Audiobooks are also part of this service. Your account can hold as many books as you can purchase. Choose from novels, children’s books and textbooks. Learn a little something about everything with this resource on your device.

Film and Television

Rent movies and binge watch TV shows through the Play Store. Many videos are also found through YouTube’s association with Google. Filter and sort through the titles, and make your own playlist. The videos don’t have to be streamed to your device at all times either. You’re able to download them to your device so that they can be watched offline. Flights with your device will now be much more exciting with Play Store titles filling the time. is not an authorized representative or the developer of this application. The trademarks and copyrighted materials within this site belong to their respective owners and developers. We strive to provide our readers with informative reviews, tips and links to the particular app store to where they can acquire or purchase the application.