Amazon Alexa 1.30 | Entertainment, Music & Audio, Shopping
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Developed by the team at Amazon Mobile LLC, this music and audio app is one of the world's most popular. According to the developers, it is meant to work as a stand-alone or in conjunction with Dot or Amazon Echo, two of the company's other big sellers. 

Things did not get off to a smooth start for the app, but developers have fixed most of the bugs and annoyances in the latest edition, 2.2.271281.0. The latest round of updates took place in May, 2019. The size of the download varies depending what type of device you have but the universal rating for the app means there are no age restrictions whatsoever. With more than ten million downloads already, it's easy to see how popular the app is. What is more important to know is how to properly download and use the Amazon Alexa app

Amazon Alexa Download Details

There are multiple benefits for people who do the Amazon Alexa download, including music streaming in a hands-free style, the ability to peruse the freshest news about entertainment, sports and everything else, as well as using the app as a virtual assistant that can recognize and understand your voice from seven feet away. 

Amazon Alexa
Price: 1.30
Category: Entertainment, Music & Audio, Shopping
Average Rating: 3.4
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

If you want to be told about the latest weather patterns, get answers to your burning questions, or just want to set a simple alarm to remind you to do something, the app can handle it all. If your friends or relatives own the app or have their own Echo Show, then you'll be able to place video calls directly to them and receive the same. 

One of the ingenious features of the Amazon Alexa app is its ability to adapt to your needs as time passes and it gets used to your requests. Alexa is constantly updating itself with better performance so you'll notice that it gets faster with its answers the longer you have it. After your Amazon Alexa download and a few weeks' of regular use, you will be surprised at the app's ability to anticipate your questions and requests, almost as if it were an AI robot. 

Now available for users of iOS and Android devices, the app even allows you to remotely control and calibrate an Amazon Alexa device if you already own one. You can create complex or simple lists, ask and receive answers to any number of obscure or common questions, play your favorite music or listen to news and weather reports at the touch of a button, or tap of a screen. 

If you don't already own an Amazon Alexa device, the app might take some getting used to. There is a learning curve of about a week or more, depending on your technical abilities and determination to play around with the app while learning its seemingly endless functions. As apps go, this is one of the best of the bunch and you can even use it to search for other apps. Just ask Alexa, "Please search for music apps," for example and you'll be busy for hours.