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Word Villas

If you are looking for a more thoughtful, relaxing way to kill some time on your Android or iOS device, a download of Word Villas might just be the prescription for you. This game presents an interesting mix between a life and home simulator juxtaposed with challenging word puzzles. Yes, it seems a bit odd […]


Block! Hexa Puzzle

Sometimes, games with the simplest ideas and gameplay mechanics are the most fun to play. Case and point: Block! Hexa Puzzle. This mobile app game puts your puzzle skills to the test. While the premise might be simple, which involves nothing more than fitting hexagonal pieces into a grid, the execution and mind-bending puzzles will […]

Pocket City

The Pocket City mobile app for Android or iOS is a compact city building simulation in which you will quickly become totally immersed. The construction and management challenges it presents ring true to real life and are seemingly endless. It simulates not only detailed building tasks pertaining to a metropolis but also human and natural […]


Guns of Glory: Build an Epic Army for the Kingdom

It’s time to create the best army for building an epic Kingdom. Install and download the mobile app. Let the adventure begin! Was it the musketeers who killed the King? Not likely. The Cardinal has now taken over. Build your very own army and prepare the guns for a total triumph! This multiplayer game will […]

Cashman Casino

Casino games are among the most popular on the Apple Store and Google Play. With so many to choose from, though, how do you know which ones are worth your time. One that has been receiving a lot of positive feedback is Cashman Casino. What makes this casino mobile app so much better than the […]


Plague Inc.

Have you ever wanted to play the villain in a video game? Few games actually let you take on that role, and Plague Inc. is one of them. Instead of playing as a bad guy, though, you’re a destructive plague that’s infecting the whole world. This strategy game requires you to adapt as you aim […]

Tomb of the Mask

Gameplay is straightforward. Navigate through mazes with a series of swipes in any direction. Old-style graphics paired with modern gameplay concepts makes Tomb of the Mask something special. Players experience an ease of movement and cool avatar features. The style is sort of a maze within a maze. Segmented walls, enemies and other unique events […]


LEGO Star Wars: TCS

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga takes players through the movie stories that we have come to love. The game is broken up into Episodes and Chapters. If you have ever wished to immerse yourself in a world of Star Wars in a fun way, this game will certainly provide that experience. Once you get […]


UNO! is a classic game that people have loved for decades. It brings endless hours of fun for family and friends. Playing the game often fosters deeper relationships. A lot can be said for playing UNO! with your peers. This is why when you first log on you’ll be asked what age range you fall […]

POP! Slots -Vegas Casino Game

POP! Slots ™- Play Holiday Casino Slot Machines is a free-to-play top trending app. Compete with players in real-time to make gaming that much more fun. POP! Slots is widely regarded as one of the top apps in its category. Play with an app that attracts popular brands. It combines addicted play style with social […]