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Kudoku App: Taking Math to the Next Level

Sudoku may be your game of choice, but branch out to another math game with Kudoku. As soon as you tap on the app's icon, you reveal a familiar grid. It may look like your favorite game, but this app encourages you to use those dusty math skills to gain points and pride. Explore some of the best features of this app right now.

The Arithmetic Game

The game starts out with a grid of seemingly random numbers. Your job is to add up these numbers to match the "killer" number advertised at the beginning of your session. Find the addends or numbers that match up because there are many variations that are possible. If your killer number is 10, you might add five and five together or one, seven and two. The correct answer is only limited to your math skills.

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Developer: Just Funny Games S.r.l.

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

Experiencing the Levels

When you download Kudoku, one of the challenges is passing the addend levels. Start out with only two addends necessary to reach the killer number. As you move up through the levels, you might have up to seven numbers to add into your equation. It takes time to move through the levels, so be sure to hone your skills on the easier levels now.

Powering it Up

There's more to Kudoku than just adding up the numbers. The developer throws in some power-up options with grid explosions. Stop the time on the clock, and hit the grid with explosive power. Gain points and experience with these power-ups that show up as you move through the game. Don't skip through them, however. There's always a good reason for power-ups on any game.

Beating the Clock

The free Kudoku mobile app doesn't give you the luxury of time. In fact, all of your summations must be made within an allotted time period. Watch the countdown clock on the screen because it determines if you pass a level or not.

As the addends increase in number, your time seems to shrink. The mind must work faster than ever before to beat this game.

Keeping up With the Leaderboard

A great way to gauge your success in the app is by referencing the leaderboard. Players from around the world will post their information. As you download Kudoku and play it on a daily basis, you'll learn just how good you are in comparison to the masters around the globe. Make it your goal to beat the top score.

Challenging Your Friends

A fun feature of Kudoku is the multiplayer options. Challenge a friend to a session where you each take turns with the killer number. See who can reach the killer number with the most summations.

This feature is a favorite among players because it gives you real-time feedback. You'll know when you're the master of arithmetic here.

There's nothing to lose with a free Kudoku mobile app. Arithmetic is a great way to stimulate your mind and pass the time. Challenge yourself so that your mind responds rapidly and accurately to all of life's demands.