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Noom: Health & Weight

Hundreds of thousands of people have already downloaded and used the convenient Noom digital app. This remarkable health and wellness platform is capable of building a custom regimen for you to loose weight and manage your health on daily basis. There are several important topics to discuss within this review, but we’ll be focusing on […]


Sworkit Fitness – Workouts & Exercise Plans

Get ready for the best workout app of 2020, the new way to get into shape today is all on the Sworkit mobile app. They tell you how and show you how to do everything you need to know to get into shape. So what do you need to know in order to get the […]

Blink Health Rx – Best Discount Pharmacy Prices

There is so much good going around at Blink Health Rx. The app is the top of the line, offering low prices on prescription medication that costs an arm and a leg. There is so much to be said about them, and none more so than the fact that the won the 2018 award for […]


OneRx Drug Savings & Coupons

Are you ready for the 21st century’s best all-in-one prescription savings tool? There is so much to cover in this app, and you will be informed of it all. The One Rx Saver mobile app is what is best for the people who need their prescriptions, and can’t afford to spend $300 on medication that […]

RxSaver Prescription Discounts

Money is tight for many right now, and, understandably, they are looking to save. From clipping coupons to limiting nonessential purchases, people are looking to just get things they need, or support businesses that could use some additional orders these days. Chances are that you can relate to this struggle, as everyone adjusts to a […]


Humana Pharmacy

We are going to be taking a closer look at some of the reasons that you might want to consider downloading and installing the Humana Pharmacy app onto your smartphone. This convenient pharmacy app makes it easier than ever to keep track of your prescriptions and request refills and new orders. Prescription transfer can also […]

Peloton — at home fitness

With all of the social distancing that is in place, chances are you want to get moving. But, you may be quarantining, in a densely populated city or uncomfortable going outside. And, some days you just may not feel like going out or the weather is not ideal. So, what to do? Chances are you […]


WebMD: Check Symptoms, Find Doctors, & Rx Savings

Finding medical information online is easier than ever, thanks to one trusted source – Web MD. Now the Web MD site is accessible in app form with plenty of local health information available. Web MD is a popular online medical database that can help answer any medical question you have. Users can look up information […]

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

One of the newest trending apps on the market is known as “Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds”. This app is a mobile app under the category of health and fitness, as it focuses on relaxation and mental health. The general allure for the Relax Melodies app is that it can help those that find it difficult […]

Daily Yoga: Workout & Fitness

Getting in the zone and relaxing is hard, especially after a busy day. Between work, school, social and other commitments, chances are high that you are busy, stressed and could need a breather. But, how can you do that in an easy way that does not take up too much time? That is where Daily […]