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CreditWise from Capital One

Maintaining a healthy credit score means keeping track of any shifts in your credit. Luckily, several popular apps make credit tracking easy. One of the most popular apps for credit tracking is CreditWise from Capital One. What is CreditWise from Capital One? CreditWise is a completely free credit monitoring app from Capital One. Users can […]


Brain Out – Can you pass it?

Do you like brainteasers? Do you wish you could play them on your phone? If so, the Brain Out mobile app might be the game for you. It allows you to test your IQ with a variety of unique puzzles and tricky riddles. It’s important to remember that Brain Out is a game first and […]

Sideline – Get a Second Number

Get a Second Number for Your Smartphone With Sideline Have you ever wished that you had two numbers for your smartphone? Maybe you own a business and wish that you had a second number to give to clients? Whatever the reason, you can get the second number that you’ve always wanted through Sideline. This mobile […]


Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

In Google Fit, you are getting an app that focuses on a healthy and active lifestyle. As a dedicated Google app, your account information (i.e. Gmail) will instantly appear if it is already enabled. Once you click on your account, the app immediately begins the setup process. Now that you are at the ‘About you’ […]

Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

There’s an underground world that you want to keep up with every hour of each day. Stay in touch with the gaming realm by trying the Twitch app. This platform gives you access to nearly every gaming interest you can imagine. Dive into games, Esports and more with a Twitch download. Keep up With Today’s […]


Photo Lab Picture Editor: face effects, art frames

Who doesn’t love to take great-looking photos with their phone camera? It seems like the smartphone industry is beefing up the cameras every year, allowing you to take even better pictures. However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could add cool effects and frames to your pictures too? Now you can thanks to Photo Lab […]

Icing On The Cake

Whether you’re sitting on the subway or killing time in a waiting room, game apps are great distractions for the mind. They take you away from your everyday worries. Discover your inner chef with Icing on the Cake. This app gives you a chance to create a spectacular cake without the messy cleanup in the […]


Google Translate

Walking around with a thick book to translate words from other languages was the tool of the trade many years ago. All you need now is your smart device and Google Translate. This app is designed to make translation as easy as possible. Flipping through a book is archaic; translate with this mobile app in […]

Rakuten Ebates – Cash Back, Deals & Savings

With the holidays approaching quickly, now is a good time to save money and get cash back on purchases that you make. However, no one has the time to look for the best coupons and deals on all of the purchases that they make. Now you don’t have to with Rakuten Ebates – Cash Back, […]

RetailMeNot: Coupons, Deals & Discounts

Are you looking for ways to save money over the holidays? If so, you might consider downloading RetailMeNot. As the name suggests, the program aims to help you avoid paying retail prices. It works similarly to other coupon and cash back programs, such as Ebates. However, how does RetailMeNot stack up against the stiff competition? […]