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The best apps on the mobile market are typically those that help us complete daily activities, even when those tasks are simply grabbing a cup of coffee and a sweet or savory breakfast to start the day off right. The Dunkin’ app makes it easier to get breakfast or coffee on the go, but you […]


Scribd: Audiobooks & ebooks

Piling volumes of books into the back of a car isn’t part of modern life anymore. Accessing your reading material is now a simple act of tapping on a smart device’s screen. Scribd is the latest app that’s thrilling readers across the globe. Be part of a reading revolution with Scribd downloaded onto your device […]

Peacock TV

With Peacock TV, you can watch a variety of shows, movies, and more for free. There are some perks to paying into it, though, but for first-time users, try it out for free. We’ll go over what benefits and features that you get with the free version of Peacock TV, then what you get when […]


Citizen: Connect on the Most Powerful Safety App

Community safety is always important, no matter where you live. At any moment, an individual with ill intent may strike upon an unsuspecting individual, and it could happen at either a private area or where many people are around. While not every person may have everything they need to be a cop, they can at […]

Verizon Messages

There is so much to say about the Verizon Messages app, including how it works. You can chat even with non-Verizon customers, and they can install the app to their smartphones, tablets, or computer. There are so many things you can do with the app, and we’ll go over the vast features of the app, […]


imo free HD video calls and chat

Want the ultimate form of communication? Well, it’s here with IMO free HD video calls and chat. There is a lot that you can do with this app, and there are so many people you can chat with. Some features accompany this app. And we’ll discuss all of the features in-depth below, as well as […]

CarMax – Cars for Sale: Search Used Car Inventory

Using CarMax, America’s number one used vehicle retailer is easy, fun, and affordable. There are so many things to browse on their app, and you can have a vehicle as soon as you purchase it. What are the features though, why is it right for you, and why should you get the app? There are […]


Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations

Everything that Powerpoint on the computer has, Microsoft PowerPoint: Slideshows and Presentations does better. There is so much in this app that it’s easy to understand why many novices use it along with professionals. There is a sense of ease to presentations when using the mobile app version of PowerPoint, and everyone loves to use […]

CBS News – Live Breaking News

CBS News is one of the premier apps where you can get all of your news. All of the latest information that you can imagine in the world today in one place. There is so much to cover on why you should get the app, including what the features are, and what you’ll get when […]

Facetune2 – Selfie Editor, Beauty & Makeover App

There is a new Photoshop genius in the mobile game. The Facetune2 app is fantastic and works like a charm on any of the pictures that you want to touch up. It has so many features worth mentioning that we’ll highlight them below. With stunning selfies never before seen in the world of photoshop, stunning […]