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It's always nice to focus on our brains so we can improve our memory and other important mental activities. Due to this, NeuroNation was developed as a brain training app that could help you through different brain games. So is it worth an install on your phone, or should you work on brain training with something else?

NeuroNation – Brain Training & Brain Games
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Developer: NeuroNation

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Features and Benefits

NeuroNation includes many features and benefits that you should consider before you download it for yourself.

An Introduction

Instead of just throwing you into the fray and hoping that you can figure it out, NeuroNation starts you off with a video. This video explains that people sometimes struggle to get their points across. It then explains that NeuroNation will help you to improve your mental capabilities by putting you through four initial tests.

These tests will focus on four different areas of the brain: attention, memory, reasoning and speed. Each of these areas play important roles in our lives, so the test will help you to identify which ones you perform well in and which ones you should improve.

Creating a Schedule

After you discover which area you need to improve on, NeuroNation will help you to create a schedule for yourself. It will ask you what hours you would prefer to work on it and how many times a week you want to do these activities. This way, you can train your brain during the most convenient hours for your schedule.

After creating a schedule, you will have other options to make adjustments and ensure that you train in the area where you struggle the most. You can also incorporate NeuroBoosters into your schedule. These will involve stretching, avoiding eye strain, controlling your breathing and many others exercises.

Multiple Training Exercises

One of the areas where these types of apps struggle the most is providing enough variety. Luckily, you won't perform the same exercise over and over again for each category. Instead, when you start your training for the day, you will receive multiple activities in a session so you can use different games to improve your brain training.

NeuroNation will explain the game that it selected for you and you can make the choice to stick with it, get another random exercise or choose one that you prefer. This ensures that you can get plenty of variety through dozens of exercises while also avoiding games that you don't enjoy.

Upgrade to Premium

NeuroNation allows you to pay for the Premium version if you plan to use the other levels. The current plan includes 30 exercises that have 250 levels, so you will have even more variety and options. It also allows you to go with a monthly subscription or a yearly one depending on how much you want to spend at a time.

The Premium version could help you to get more out of NeuroNation while encouraging you to stick with it. After all, if you spend money on this mobile app, then you will want to commit to it so you don't end up wasting money. Due to this, spending money could be a benefit for you if you need some motivation.


Now that we discussed some of the features and benefits, we want to point out pros you can enjoy because of NeuroNation.

Avoid Boredom

Since NeuroNation provides so many brain games for you to play, you won't get bored with it. If you ever get a game that you don't enjoy, then you can swap it for another one or pick the one that you want to play. This way, you never have to play repetitive games as you continue to work on your brain activity.

See Your Progress

As you complete different games, NeuroNation will inform you about new levels you unlock and your progress in the evaluations. Since you can see this progress, you will notice how NeuroNation improves your mental abilities, so you will feel motivated to continue through with the games.

Compare Yourself to Others

Not only will you see how you progress, but you will get to see how you compare to other people. This involves telling you the percentage of people you performed better or equal to so you can see how you progress. This sense of competition can then help you to continue with your brain training.

Offers Extra Content

You have plenty of extra content if you don't think the set amount is enough. This includes going into the "Extra" tab and using the NeuroBoosters to help you feel less tired. It gives you plenty of activities to help you release tension, relax and remain focused during the most tiring parts of your day.

Go At Your Own Pace

Since NeuroNation offers many settings through its scheduled training, you can go at your own pace. This means that you can easily pick the setting that works the best for you and work on your brain training at an appropriate pace. You can push yourself harder and relax a bit based on your own schedule and what you want to do.


It's important to remember that apps aren't perfect, so we will also share some of the cons.

Reminders Can Be Annoying

If you don't like getting reminders, then this app may end up annoying you. For example, you could be in the middle of something and a notification could go off to let you know that you need to start your brain training. This can quickly annoy some people and make them resent those types of apps.

You'll Get Some Ads

If you don't have the Premium version, then you'll see some ads before your brain games. This can easily annoy some people if they want to jump right into the training while avoiding ads. So if ads bother you, then you should consider purchasing the Premium version to get rid of those ads.

Premium Is a Subscription

On top of this, the Premium version is a subscription-based purchase. Many apps offer a one-time purchase to remove ads and gain benefits, but NeuroNation has a subscription service. This means that you will need to keep paying them to enjoy some extra games and other benefits which could rub some people the wrong way.


Even though NeuroNation has a few flaws, all of its benefits makes it worth a download. Remember that you can use the Standard version if you don't want to pay money, which means you can easily try out the program for free to see if you like it. So make sure you download NeuroNation to see if you like what it has to offer.