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Word Villas

If you are looking for a more thoughtful, relaxing way to kill some time on your Android or iOS device, a download of Word Villas might just be the prescription for you. This game presents an interesting mix between a life and home simulator juxtaposed with challenging word puzzles. Yes, it seems a bit odd […]


Block! Hexa Puzzle

Sometimes, games with the simplest ideas and gameplay mechanics are the most fun to play. Case and point: Block! Hexa Puzzle. This mobile app game puts your puzzle skills to the test. While the premise might be simple, which involves nothing more than fitting hexagonal pieces into a grid, the execution and mind-bending puzzles will […]

Toy Blast

There are plenty of match-three puzzle games available on mobile devices these days. None of them match the fun available in Toy Blast, which features over 2,500 puzzles. Millions of players around the world solve puzzles daily, will you join them? Toy Blast is a mobile app that can be a great way to pass […]


Best Fiends – Puzzle Adventure

Seriously Digital Entertainment is the creator of the Fiends Free Puzzle game. It’s noteworthy that the Best Fiends mobile app game download reached its $100 million marks in revenue just three years after its launch back in December 2017. Collecting the Best Fiends and finding out what types of special power each one has, is […]

Flow Free

A game download is diverting and can playfully kill time. But here’s a game that’s a bit different because it sort-of involves numbers. It’s a puzzle game anyone can install on an iOs and Android device. Flow Free was released in June 2012 by Big Duck Games and has now become quite popular. Make sure […]


Cookie Jam™ Match 3 Games & Free Puzzle Game

Make sure to crunch the cookie before it crumbles! Cookie JAM is a match-3 game that’s at the same time challenging as it’s fun. Sprinkle into a new adventure and enjoy the patisseries from all over the world. There are at least 5015 levels to complete! The Oven MittWhen you tap on the oven mitt […]

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is very similar to Scrabble except for the socialization angle. This multi-player word game has been the world’s most popular word puzzle game. The idea for the game was created by brothers Dave and Paul Bettner. Both brothers were in the software and video game business, which gave them the perfect background to […]