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Sudoku continues to grow in popularity for all ages. It's a fun and simple game that people can enjoy while keeping their brains active. Due to this, Brainium Studios created a Sudoku mobile app where you can play the game as much as you want. Is the game any good or should you stick to pen and paper Sudoku books?

Sudoku allows you to play the classic brain game in a relaxing environment. Sudoku has you fill out a nine-by-nine grid with the numbers one through nine. Each number can only appear once in each column, row and square. This means that each number has a specific place it can go and you need to figure out where to place them.

Price: Free
Category: Board, Puzzle
Average Rating: 4.8
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Brainium Studios

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

This app features five difficulties: Breezy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. This way, you can pick a difficulty based on your own experience with Sudoku. If you're new, you can do one of the lower difficulties, but other people can do the higher ones if they know how to play Sudoku.

You also have access to multiple stats about your different Sudoku games. You can look at the "Stats" menu option to see how many games you've played, your fastest complete time and your average complete time. It also keeps track of your points and level. On top of that, you can look at the leader-boards to see how you compare to others.

How Does it Work?

This game gives you multiple options so that you can enjoy some Sudoku. After you choose "New Game", you can select the difficulty and it brings you to a new puzzle to solve. From here, you can click on different squares and click on the numbers one-through-nine to fill that square with the corresponding number.

If you put in a number that works, it will show you the locations of all of the other numbers. If it doesn't work, it will turn the square red and show you the problem. This makes it so that you won't go through the whole puzzle just to find out you made a mistake. On top of this, you can click on "Hints" in the top right corner for help.

The game also allows you to click the pencil in the bottom right corner. When you click it, you can fill squares with smaller numbers representing different possibilities that work. This way, you can keep track of any changes and see which ones will work. You can also click the "x" in the bottom right corner to delete filled-in squares.

App Benefits

This version of Sudoku provides plenty of excellent benefits to give you a positive Sudoku experience. These are a few of the ones that stick out.

  • Keeping track of records and levels to encourage you to keep playing.
  • Having "Undo", "Redo" and "Reset" options to quickly fix mistakes.
  • Providing a "Resume" option to continue a puzzle you were working on.

By keeping track of records, it shows you the improvements that you made over time. This will encourage you to keep playing and enjoying Sudoku. You also have these quality of life options that make it easier on players. You can fix mistakes and there's no worries about losing progress if you need to stop and do something else.

This Sudoku app provides plenty of conveniences and easier ways to play the game. This helps new players to avoid frustration while keeping experienced players happy and wanting to use the app.

Other Highlights

To add to all of this, a Sudoku app offers many highlights over standard Sudoku. First, there's a free version of the app that lets you try out the game and enjoy it. You only have to watch an ad right before you play a new Sudoku puzzle.

You also avoid using paper when you play Sudoku on your phone. Look at this point of view: when you play Sudoku with a pen and paper, you have to use plenty of paper for all of those puzzles. On top of that, you will save money overall by using your phone instead of paper.

Each Sudoku book costs some money, so as it adds up, it will cost you more money to use a book rather than your phone. You can use the free version or you can upgrade to Sudoku+ for $2.99 so that you won't have ads anymore.


The Sudoku mobile app provides plenty of fun for people that want to play Sudoku on a regular basis. It runs extremely well, keeps track of your puzzles and encourages you to keep playing. You can easily download and install it for Android and Apple products