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Lumosity Mind – Meditation App

Sometimes you want to find ways to strengthen your brain and keep your mind sharp, but you do not know how. You can read books, do puzzles and do things with your non-dominant hand. Maybe you have tried doing a Sudoku puzzle every day, reading in another language or brushing your teeth with the other […]


Seesaw Class

When students learn in a classroom, it can sometimes be hard for them to show what they know. As a result, they get confused, teachers struggle to grade them and parents are not up to speed on what their child has and has not grasped, hindering at-home learning. That is where the Seesaw app makes […]


What apps are out there that can help students learn? Well, there are a plethora of them, but the app that we’re going to talk about today is the Flipgrid mobile app. We’ll discuss what it is, what the features are, and why you should give it a chance and download it. What is the […]


Epic!: Kids’ Books, Audio Books, Videos & eBooks

Hey parents, want a fun way for your kids to learn? Well, look no further than Epic!: Kids’ Books, AudioBooks, Videos & eBooks, mobile app. There is so much for your child to explore in this cool library of titles, and they are used both at home and by the teachers in school. So, below, […]


Hey parents, ever wonder how it feels to keep tabs on your kid’s school life? Well, look no further than the School Messenger. This mobile app is great for you, the parent, to get a feel for how your child acts and does in school and how well they’re doing with there school work. We’ll […]


Grasshopper: Learn to Code for Free

Learning to code may seem intimidating for beginners. Many people think you need college courses to learn how to code. That’s simply untrue. There are several resources available on the internet that can help beginners learn how to code. One of the most popular is Grasshopper; it’s an Android app designed to teach beginners how […]


We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the ReadingIQ Mobile App. This impressive app is designed to provide a digital learning experience for kids under the age of 12. This app promotes education for reading, and it could be a great child-themed digital app that can enhance the […]


Google Classroom

When you go through college, you may find your teachers using different programs or you might need to find something that will help you to stay organized. Google created a mobile app called Google Classroom that seeks to help teachers and students stay organized. It this app helpful for organizing schoolwork or should you just […]

Quizlet – Flashcards & Study Tools

Why are millions of students, young and old, flocking to this new mobile app called Quizlet? Well, let’s find out. The app is well versed with many different flashcards and can help in a multitude of study courses. It is also a great app that works at no cost, so let’s get into all of […]

Brain Out – Can you pass it?

Do you like brainteasers? Do you wish you could play them on your phone? If so, the Brain Out mobile app might be the game for you. It allows you to test your IQ with a variety of unique puzzles and tricky riddles. It’s important to remember that Brain Out is a game first and […]