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Brain Out – Can you pass it?

Do you like brainteasers? Do you wish you could play them on your phone? If so, the Brain Out mobile app might be the game for you. It allows you to test your IQ with a variety of unique puzzles and tricky riddles. It’s important to remember that Brain Out is a game first and […]


Google Translate

Walking around with a thick book to translate words from other languages was the tool of the trade many years ago. All you need now is your smart device and Google Translate. This app is designed to make translation as easy as possible. Flipping through a book is archaic; translate with this mobile app in […]

Remind: School Communication

Staying on top of everything you need for your kid’s classes can be hard. That’s why many teachers use communication apps to keep in touch with the parents of kids in their class. A mobile app makes it easier to coordinate with parents about assignments and other issues that may arise throughout the school year. […]


BrainPOP Featured Movie

Keeping kids engaged with learning has become easier as technology has advanced. Many kids are intimately familiar with how smart devices work, so engaging them with apps becomes necessary. Many educational apps offer entertaining teaching tools, but none have a suite as large as this one. The BrainPOP suite of apps offers hundreds of animated […]

Subway Surfers

What is Subway Surfers Mobile App about? With any type of mobile and handheld device, you can now download Subway Surfers which is one of the most downloaded games of all time! This is a mobile game app with an endless runner. So there is no real end to the game until the player is […]


Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

What is Kahoot? Many students struggle to absorb facts when they are read or taught from a chalkboard. Teachers spend hours designing quizzes and interactive experiences to keep kids engaged. Kahoot is an app that is designed to streamline that process and make it more interactive for kids. Kahoot is an engaging educational tool to […]


Duolingo was born in 2009 as an innovative method to support English learners. The free Duolingo app is an adaptation and enhancement of its popular web version used by millions around the globe. Today, the mobile app supports 24 languages and counting including Swahili and Thai. Download the free Duolingo App to your Android or […]


The app is free and highly rated by both kids and parents! It’s an engaging educational tool for any kid from age three up to eight years of age. It offers over 10,000 learning activities that include puzzles, games, songs, easy readers, art projects and much more. You can give access to up to […]


ClassDojo is an app designed to aid in parent and teacher communication. The ClassDojo app can also be used by students to help create real-time feedback. The gamification-style of the application makes it easy to use and encourages users to keep coming back. The app is available in 180 countries and used by 90% of […]