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Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game

Get ready to test and improve your business management and interpersonal skills with the mobile app, Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game. From the outset, players are given a small, low security prison with a small volume of inmates to run. The aims of the prison manager and ward include security, safety, rehabilitation, professional development, […]


Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator makes users feel like they are actually fishing. In one of the most technologically advanced mobile apps out here, catch fish, survey the landscape or just spend a lazy day by the water…it is hard to remember that it is not real! Not only do people feel like they are fishing when […]

ASMR Slicing

With all the cutting games out there and the simulations for real-life cutting, there is one that has a great feel and looks. This cutting simulation app is called ASMR Slicing, and it is an immersive and fun experience. This is one of the best simulators on the app store and on google play, and […]


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo has a lot of well-known intellectual properties. One that has proved pretty popular among casual and hardcore gamers alike is Animal Crossing. Until now, though, Nintendo has only released these games on its home and handheld consoles. With the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp mobile app, you can play this series on your phone. One […]

Mini Metro

Have you ever been on a city’s metro or subway system and thought that you could do a better job? Of course, city metro systems are often governed by the dictates of history, local politics, and budgetary concerns, but if you’re in search of efficiency, none of that matters, does it? That’s where Mini Metro […]


Pocket City

The Pocket City mobile app for Android or iOS is a compact city building simulation in which you will quickly become totally immersed. The construction and management challenges it presents ring true to real life and are seemingly endless. It simulates not only detailed building tasks pertaining to a metropolis but also human and natural […]

Plague Inc.

Have you ever wanted to play the villain in a video game? Few games actually let you take on that role, and Plague Inc. is one of them. Instead of playing as a bad guy, though, you’re a destructive plague that’s infecting the whole world. This strategy game requires you to adapt as you aim […]


Minecraft Earth

Augmented reality games like Pokemon Go are becoming more common as smartphone camera technology progresses. The latest AR game to join the fold on iOS and Android devices is Minecraft Earth. Players can collect blocks and creatures in the real world for building adventures with friends. Players walk around their neighborhoods and can see the […]

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual

This action game is full of adventure for those who prefer things like battling against ferocious enemies, using guns and weapons of all kinds, staging and repelling attacks, employing bombs and more. For users, there’s the option with the Grand Theft Auto V app to swim, use various conveyances, run, walk, or jump. Grand Theft […]