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This action game is full of adventure for those who prefer things like battling against ferocious enemies, using guns and weapons of all kinds, staging and repelling attacks, employing bombs and more. For users, there's the option with the Grand Theft Auto V app to swim, use various conveyances, run, walk, or jump. Grand Theft Auto was brought out by Rockstar Games after that company's developer created it. The current version is the fifteenth complete issue in the Grand Theft Auto V family of games.

This is access to the Grand Theft Auto Manual only.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual
Price: Free
Category: Action, Adventure, Simulation
Average Rating: 4.8
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Rockstar Games

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Categorized as an adventure game, after you do the Grand Theft Auto V download, remember that many adults are wary of letting young children use the game, mostly citing a high degree of violence or potential violence including the prevalence of gangs, the presence of alcohol, and game play that features drugs and nudity.  It's important to note that the user in the game poses as a criminal with deadly intent to eradicate law enforcement officers, innocent bystanders and other gang members. Most advisory services recommend that parents use the game for a while before letting kids have full access to it. 

Grand Theft Auto V Download: Essential Information

Users in the game can choose to either be on foot or in a vehicle. They can also choose to play from one of two perspectives: first-person or third-person. Most of the game-centered stories feature a central "heist" that is essentially a mission on which there's plenty of shooting and fast, dangerous driving.  There are cooperative modes where as many as 30 users can interact and avoid law enforcement, who has labeled each user with a codified "wanted" rating. The more crimes you commit and get away with, the higher your wanted rating will be.  Users lovingly refer to the game by its initials, GTA, and put the version number after the letters, as in GTA5, for the fifth version. In the game, the world is completely fictional but from version to version most of the settings stay the same, like the State of San Andreas, to name but one. It's said the the main city in the game, Los Santos, is a mirror image of Los Angeles, California. 

For fans of Grand Theft Auto V, the makers have announced that the follow-up, GTA6 will be arriving as early as 2020.

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