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App Flame: Play Games & Get Rewards

This App literally has their customer’s best interests in mind is a mobile app called “App Flame.” It is an app in which you can play and collect money, by playing a game. They don’t have a lot of features for their app, but what they do have is unbelievable. The first feature we want […]


Drink Your Phone – iDrink Drinking Games (joke)

With so many apps on the market, how could you overlook such a cool app? This app allows you to be able to have an e-liquid drink. Well, okay, not entirely, we don’t have technology that allows you to pour a drink from your phone, but what apps can offer is a way to look […]

Firework: Short-form videos for pro’s

People love to download apps that allow them to express their ideas and create something unique. Because of this, apps like Firework came into existence so people can make the videos that they want and share them with others. Should you download this app onto your phone or are you better off with using an […]



Introducing a new way to watch Anime. There are so many animes on the market today, and they are either dubbed or subbed. Some of them are neither, but Crunchyroll makes sure that anything on their app is either subbed or dubbed in English. So what are the features of the app? How much does […]


Entertainment has taken on different forms these days. With most people still at home, things like summer camp, trips to beach houses, long road trips and large summer barbecues are out of the question, let alone in-office days with many people, end-of-school gatherings and big festivals. People are starting to grow restless at home, with […]


Craft Auto for Minecraft PE

Let’s talk about an app that has compatibility with the Minecraft mobile app. It’s a mod that allows the character to play in Los Angeles, and you can even play like GTA. The mod mobile app is called Craft Auto for Minecraft PE. So what are the newest features, and why should you use them? […]

HAGO – Play With New Friends

The Time for Social Gaming has Come HAGO is a social gaming app. Of course it’s designed for pure fun, but we have come a long way from computer counsels. HAGO is a place to have fun and make friends. If social media is how the world is meant to interact with the Internet, imagine […]


Google Play Games

Have you ever wished that your phone had a dashboard for all of your mobile games like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles do? If so, you might be interested in downloading Google Play Games. However, this app does a lot more than just provide a dashboard of all the games that […]

Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports

There’s an underground world that you want to keep up with every hour of each day. Stay in touch with the gaming realm by trying the Twitch app. This platform gives you access to nearly every gaming interest you can imagine. Dive into games, Esports and more with a Twitch download. Keep up With Today’s […]

Heads Up

If an app was created by Ellen DeGeneres, you know you are in for a fun game at any party! Disney liked the app so much that it created a new Disney Character that would fit in nicely with the rest. After you install the Heads Up mobile app, you will see the Heads Up […]