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Sideline – Get a Second Number

Get a Second Number for Your Smartphone With Sideline Have you ever wished that you had two numbers for your smartphone? Maybe you own a business and wish that you had a second number to give to clients? Whatever the reason, you can get the second number that you’ve always wanted through Sideline. This mobile […]


Google Translate

Walking around with a thick book to translate words from other languages was the tool of the trade many years ago. All you need now is your smart device and Google Translate. This app is designed to make translation as easy as possible. Flipping through a book is archaic; translate with this mobile app in […]


The Facebook Messenger App is a platform and also a messaging system that was originally developed in 2008. Since then Facebook, the social networking website, has released its Facebook apps to a variety of operating systems. The social media company released iOS and Android versions that were standalone in 2011. This separated the messaging portion […]



Zoom Cloud Conferencing App The Zoom Cloud Meeting app is the favorite replacement for better known video call or online conferencing tools because its sole focus is on facilitating group communication. Subsequently, it performs that function better than the rest. It has many uses including updating all your family and friends or mobile business meetings […]

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a messenger service that allows for messaging, voice calling, and video calling. Users can also share locations, images, documents, and other types of media. WhatsApp runs on mobile devices and can be accessed via Windows and MAC computers. The messenger app uses a smartphone’s Internet service to make calls. Texts and video calls […]



The Discord app is in the “communication” category from developer Discord, Inc., and currently is up to version 8.1.7. It is a free app that bills itself as a “text and voice chat app” designed especially with gamers in mind so they can communicate with other team members during live game play. Compatibility is pretty […]


An app synonym with video calling. It provides an amazing communication platform for people who are far away from their friends and family. One of the best things about Skype is that is available on several different platforms including Android, iOS, windows, web, Xbox and many more. The Skype App is one of the best […]



Owned by a well respected Japanese company by the name of Rakuten Inc. Viber is one of the most prominent and successful communication apps in the world.  Viber can help you communicate with your loved ones in an easy and convenient way. It has a unique purpose logo which makes it easily identifiable on your […]

Firefox Browser

When we talk about great and efficient browsers then Firefox browser lists in the top three.   It is one of the most efficient browsers to ever grace our computers. With the increase in usage of mobile phones it was necessary for companies to bring their browsers on mobile platform and that is what Firefox did. […]


Kik or Kik messenger is a very user friendly communication app that is loved by the younger generation. There are many communication apps in the market but Kik holds its own special position. It is owned by a Canadian company however you would find users from all different parts of the world on Kik. Kik […]