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Likee – Let You Shine

Likee has transformed their digital app into a major video editing platform with media sharing for content creation. This extensive video editing tool is specifically designed for mobile smartphones. You could join millions of users that already take advantage of this sophisticated mobile app. The existing user reviews on the App Store are extremely positive […]


Firework: Short-form videos for pro’s

People love to download apps that allow them to express their ideas and create something unique. Because of this, apps like Firework came into existence so people can make the videos that they want and share them with others. Should you download this app onto your phone or are you better off with using an […]


Introducing a new way to watch Anime. There are so many animes on the market today, and they are either dubbed or subbed. Some of them are neither, but Crunchyroll makes sure that anything on their app is either subbed or dubbed in English. So what are the features of the app? How much does […]


Dubsmash – Create & Watch Videos

Some people have dreams of becoming a teacher, a chef or a fireman, while others want to become an entrepreneur, a doctor or an actor. These are mainstay aspirations, ones that have been around for years. But, consider the latest goal for many young people: Going viral. This used to be done by posting guru […]

Amazon Prime Video

Everyone loves shopping on amazon, and people love to watch the amazon prime video. However, they have never had it in the power of their fingertips before now. Okay, fine, with the click of the mouse, you can bring it to life on your computer, okay, happy now? Good, now, let me tell you what […]


Google Duo – High Quality Video Calls

How do you use your smartphone? That’s a hard question to answer because most people use their smartphones for a variety of tasks. However, one common use is to make phone calls. You don’t have to make standard phone calls all the time, though. You can also make video chats thanks to the Google Duo […]

YouTube Kids

Let’s face it. People of all ages watch YouTube. But not all of the videos are age appropriate. If you’re a parent, you likely worry about protecting your kids from the mature content on the YouTube app. Worry no more because Google has done the hard work for you with the YouTube Kids app. YouTube […]



Watching your favorite movies and TV shows has never been easier than today. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more deliver content when you want it and on your schedule. Roku is the interface that brings all of these streaming services together under one brand. The Roku app is a companion mobile app […]

Imgur – Meme & GIF Maker

What is Imgur? Imgur is an image sharing site and online community image host. The company was founded in 2009 by Alan Schaff while he was a computer programming student at Ohio University. He started his website as a simple image-sharing location for many like-minded males and by 2015 it had over 150 million active […]


Hulu: Changing the Way You Digest Television Relying on the TV in the living room for your daily entertainment isn’t necessary anymore. With the Hulu mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, you have access to thousands of titles. Play them whenever you desire. The power of Hulu will change the way you view television. […]