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Get ready to test and improve your business management and interpersonal skills with the mobile app, Prison Empire Tycoon - Idle Game. From the outset, players are given a small, low security prison with a small volume of inmates to run. The aims of the prison manager and ward include security, safety, rehabilitation, professional development, and the upkeep and growth of the facility. If all goes well and both the administration staff and inmates are generally happy and cooperative, then players' reputations will grow. Eventually, the game works up to players managing a high volume, large maximum security with dangerous offenders, ready to flee. Take a breath and invest your resources wisely with this mobile game!

Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game
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Developer: Codigames

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Personal Profiles of the Inmates
Each prisoner comes with their own social-emotional makeup, meaning they have specific needs, fears, and triggers. Inmates that feel appropriately taken care of will help the prison run smoothly and work towards personal rehabilitation. However, inmates who feel left out, bored, or scared will often lash out at security guards, spark riots, and may even lead escapes! So, what's within the prison manager's control?

As it turns out with this game, a lot! Players, as the prison manager, must determine which of four areas to invest their idle money in. These areas include cell improvements, entertainment, hygiene, and nutrition. Optional cell improvements focus on the inmate's comfort, giving them better beds and bookshelves. The prison may receive telephone booths and various sports areas to improve morale and give a sense of entertainment. Hygiene may be addressed by upgrading the shower areas, and better nutrition may be achieved through supporting the kitchen.

Safety Above All Else
The primary focus for the player as a prison manager must be the safety and security of the prison, its staff, and the inmates it holds. This can be managed in the game by ensuring prisoner happiness, comfort, and engagement, as well as addressing staff needs, like equipment. Still, though, the player must be ever vigilant, watching the inmates and security staff throughout the day to ensure everything and everyone is in order. Regardless of the care given, some prisoners will still act out and need to be placed in the isolation cell. It's up to the player to know who needs this and when to use it. Remember, it is the prison manager's reputation at stake!

Rehabilitation: A Stream of Revenue
Additionally, rehabilitation rests atop the prison manager's to-do list. This is the successful perspective shift of the prisoner, such that they can reenter society without the chance of a legal offense again. The player's management and interpersonal decisions will lead to the outcome of each inmate's rehabilitation. As more prisoners successfully reenter society, the prison manager will be rewarded with money, which they can, in turn, reinvest in their prison.

Improve the Prison Facilities
To foster security, aid in rehabilitation, and give the inmates a sense of comfort, the prison manager may invest in various renovation projects throughout the prison. In addition to the kitchen, the shower, and inmates' cells, several other facilities may be improved. To further support the prisoners, additional cell blocks may be opened, the canteen, where they buy food may get an increased selection of items, and the visitation rooms may see add-ons. Idle money may also be used to support and grow the security staff. Improvements to the security staff's working conditions include establishing a health wing, giving them offices, renovating the maintenance rooms, laundering their uniforms, and providing additional equipment in the security room.

Managing and Growing a Strong Team of Staff and Security Members
The prison manager cannot be everywhere, that is why he or she must work with an incredible staff of people. Though facility renovations improve moral, the first step for the player is to listen to the needs of his or her staff. Divided into departments, the prison manager will oversee janitors, kitchen staff, security personnel, the medical team, office administration, and maintenance workers.

In addition to helping provide resources and solve team problems, the prison manager is responsible for the rotating members of the staff, i.e. hiring and firing. Players will interview candidates for job vacancies to see how well they would fit in within the prison and the team already present. Be wary though, some candidates will be less than honest. When employees start to behave inappropriately or conduct themselves in a way unbefitting the prison, players must sensitively and respectfully let them go.

Final Thoughts
Prison Empire Tycoon - Idle Game is a very well-thought-out mobile game. Both interactive and hands-off, it puts players into a serious management role, allowing them to develop a business growth model and interpersonal management skills centered around a prison rehabilitation center. Download and install it today, if you feel like you can handle it!