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Hey parents, want a fun way for your kids to learn? Well, look no further than Epic!: Kids' Books, AudioBooks, Videos & eBooks, mobile app. There is so much for your child to explore in this cool library of titles, and they are used both at home and by the teachers in school. So, below, we'll lay it out for you so that you get a bigger picture of how it works, and what kids will benefit from it.

Age Groups

The books, audiobooks, videos, and eBooks are great for children of any age up to 12. From your 5-year-olds, all the way to your 7th grader, kids of all ages can learn many things using this mobile app. These books help your kids learn from Kindergarten to 7th grade.

Epic!: Kids’ Books, Audio Books, Videos & eBooks
Price: Free
Category: Books & Reference, Education
Average Rating: 4.7
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Epic Creations, Inc.

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

What can Kids Access?

Kids can access from over 40,000 books, 40,000 videos, 40k eBooks, and 40k audiobooks. With so many options, your child is bound to learn something new, fun, and engaging. Not only that, but they can access them anywhere with any kind of internet access. They can access it on a tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or even on the computer.

What are the Two Versions of Epic!?

Well, there is the child's home use, and the teacher's schools use. This allow the child to learn both at home, and during school. So which one has the better features? Well, honestly, they both have pluses, and we'll go over them below.

Epic! for Home Use

For home use, children can access over 35,000 children's books and learning videos, as well as more content that gets added weekly. There is also so much more, with audio-enabled books that are read-to-me books, and there are audiobooks and bilingual books, including languages in Spanish, Chinese, and French. They also have educational videos for kids to learn and quizzes so that they can retain the knowledge they have learned. With the one app, you can create up to four individually customized profiles for the number of kids you have, and they can all access their accounts. When you add their reading level and their interests, the app will give the children a personalized recommendation based on what they can read, and what they like. They also have the feature that allows kids to take their studying wherever they want with online and offline reading. This includes taking it to places like camping, driving, as well as on a plane. They even have a reading log that updates the child's progress, and emails the parents their progress weekly.

Epic! for Teachers

This app is free to all elementary school teachers and librarians worldwide so that the students can learn, unlimited access, including read-to-me, children's books, audio, and non-fiction books. They can customize a student's profile, they also get personalized recommendations based on their student's reading level and interests, and Epic! is used in 90% of United States Elementary schools.

The Library

This list gets pretty long, so let's create a list to hold this information.

First is the well-known books in the library like:
• Flat Stanley
• Diary of a Wimpy Kid
• Goosebumps
• National Geographic Kids
• and many more

The next spot is book types:
• Picture books
• Chapter books
• Books for early readers
• Storybooks & children's bedtime stories
• Educational books
• Audio-enabled read-to-me books
• Non-fiction titles
• Audiobooks
• Graphic novels
• Non-fiction titles
• Spanish, Chinese and French books
• and many more


Other than teachers accessing this free content in school, when kids use this app outside of the classroom for more features, there is a free trial, then the parents can choose to keep the services for just $7.99 per month, and they will have access to every book on the app. The download and install are free, and with 90% of elementary schools around the world using it, you need to check out what all the fun is about. Go to the app store and start your free trial today.