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Whether you're sitting on the subway or killing time in a waiting room, game apps are great distractions for the mind. They take you away from your everyday worries. Discover your inner chef with Icing on the Cake. This app gives you a chance to create a spectacular cake without the messy cleanup in the kitchen.

Pick and Choose the Perfect Cake

There are dozens of levels to this mobile app. You'll start out with basic cakes and move up to more complex creations. In essence, you earn the next cake to be decorated. The first cakes give you a chance to hone your skills. Get accustomed to moving the tools and icing bag around the cakes. When you advance through the levels, the decorating process gets easier and easier with experience.

Icing On The Cake
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Developer: Lion Studios

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

Pipe Away

An icing bag pops up as you move through the levels. The key to success with the bag is a steady finger on the screen. Spin the cake around as you create line after line of icing decadence. Follow the instructions on the screen when it calls for either thin or thick icing. There's a trick to piping that takes some time to master. Practice makes perfect when you're dealing with a gorgeous cake.

Get Crazy with Colors

After you install this app, you'll notice that color selections are possible. Pipe out icing in one color and then switch to another. The trick is to line up the piping sections in parallel lines. If they overlap, then you'll end up mixing the colors as you complete the cake. For some budding chefs, mixed colors is the goal. Use your creative juices to tackle this mobile app's cake challenges.

Take on the Smoothing Action

With the icing carefully placed, a smoothing tool pops up on the screen. Use a steady finger to move the tool across the cake. You'll see the piped lines turn into a flat surface. Be sure to completely cover the cake with the tool. Points are taken away for lumpy sections.

This section might take some time to master. It's entirely relaxing as you gain more experience. Watching the lines turn into a smooth surface is always satisfying.

Bake and Be Proud

Because the goal of the game is to create a cake that matches an example, the baking process near the end of each level will tell you how successful you are. The game tells you if you've matched the example by a certain percentage. A side-by-side comparison gives you a clue to where you might have made mistakes.

Use this information to master the next cake's challenges. Many of the app's functions and levels are automatic, so take your time to get used to the process. The next cake might be a 100-percent match with enough practice.

Download Icing on the Cake today. Its simplicity will take you away from the mundane workday. You'll feel your mind and body relax so that you can take on the next challenge. Soothing game apps complement modern times any day.