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As we come up on month seven of this "balancing school, work and life at home" thing, it is inevitable that the days vary. Some days, you may roll out of bed feeling energized and ready to take on the day, while others may be tough going and having you question your priorities and productivity — or lack of — during this time. While March could have had you making new Tik Toks, baking all the bread or starting up an upcycled clothing business, and summer brought beach days, plenty of instant pictures and too much ice cream, things are starting to come to a standstill. The weather is cooling, the days are getting cloudier and we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. Chances are high you are looking for something new to do and discover. We know you cannot get enough of your phone, so why not look there when it comes to a way to stay entertained?

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If you are looking for something new, check out the Spoon Audio app, which offers tons of cool features. Intrigued? Read our review below.

Features and Benefits

Spoon Audio is an audio streaming platform that allows users to easily share their voice. Not only can they listen to music, podcasts and live streams, but they can also hang with friends. Users can find DJs to listen to, support their favorites with gifts (spoons) and be their authentic self. Its benefits are numerous if you decide to install it: listen to new content daily, join a supportive community, and share your voice, while not having to put up with fees, subscriptions and ads.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons exist with Spoon Audio, so consider them before you download it.


Free: Access the app at no cost and with no hidden fees. Score!

Stream up to 2 Hours: With the capacity to stream from your phone for hours, the options for entertainment are limitless.

Live Call Feature: Invite guests to call in via the Live Call feature.

Create Live Content and Monetize it: Get money to make content that you and others will love. Record it and put it out into the world.

Browse, Skip and Rewind: Look through tons of categories to find your go-to podcasts. Rewind or skip what you want to listen to again…or not.

Message Thread: Message friends and share ideas.

Make a Profile: Record a voice memo, fill out personal information, post on friend's walls and become part of the wider Spoon audio network.


Could get Addicting: With a huge selection of artists (and seemingly endless choices of things to listen to), all of the app's content is just waiting to be discovered by users who love music and content creation.

Personal: Since there is a profile, the aspect of sharing parts of one's life might be too personal for some in this era of technology scams and the desire for some privacy online.

Teen-Oriented: This app is aimed at teens. Millennials on up may not get the appeal. Just leave it to the youth.


The Spoon Audio mobile app is great for young adults who could use an outlet to create and share their dreams and desires with the world. Since it is free and accessible via mobile, it opens doors to many who want to create while at home, and once we are beyond the pandemic. If that sounds like something you would be into, check it out today! Get listening and creating today.