Stack Colors! Free | Casual
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There is a new game that is taking family gaming to the next level. The game called, “Stack Colors,” is simply amazing, and is entertaining for anyone of any age. There are so many things to discuss about this game. The things we need to talk about are the amazing features that the game has, how to play the game, and why we think you would benefit from playing this mobile app?

The features are vast, but we’ll try to keep them to a minimum for you. The first of the features that we’re going to talk about is building your skills. There are three primary skills to build up, and the first one that you can do is kick. When the match is over, you can kick the colors to send them flying, and that is what you need the kick for. You will need it in the late game because the blocks get harder to push, and the points go further away. The next skill is score. You can upgrade the scoring skill and then rack up the score to earn more points.

Stack Colors!
Price: Free
Category: Casual
Average Rating: 4.8
Version: Varies by device
Developer: VOODOO

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

This will help you to get more coins, and be able to buy more upgrades and more. The final skill that you can upgrade is the speed skill. There is a lot to this, as it boosts how fast you move through the level. This is tricky, because you have to carefully collect the right color, and with more speed, there is room for more errors. When you finish the level, you will kick all of the color tiles you have collected, and the combined score, plus the bonus, and the number of tiles collected are all a collection of how many coins you will get at the end of each level.

With the coins, you can buy upgrades, as well as unlock special items that you can use in the game. Speaking of unlockable items, you can unlock characters too, and they have many to choose from, most of them are just different colors, and one is a multicolored player that changes, you can unlock them either through purchases, or unlock them with coins. The more levels you beat, the more colors that will be on the board, making the game harder to play, and allowing the possibilities to become greater. When you level up more, you will be able to use bigger tools in order to collect more colors. When you get further into the game, the level gets longer. So not only is the game harder, but the levels become a longer stretch to get through. The best feature by far is that you can play this game for free 100% free, but the only catch to that is that you will have to watch an ad after every level you play. There are ways to bypass it, but it’s easier to just pay to have them removed. The payment to remove ads is fairly cheap, and it’s only $3.49, which is cheap in comparison to other apps who do the same thing.

How to Play the Stock Colors App

You can easily learn how to play this game, and it integrates you into the game by playing easy levels first. There are a lot of rules for the game, but it is one of the funniest games to play right now. You start with a pan that you will collect colors on. You will then take that tray, collecting colors, and then after which, you must go through a color barricade. After you pass through the barricade, you will then change the color you’re collecting, so your tool and all of the colored tiles are changed to the new color. Then you have to collect the new color, or you will lose all of the previous colored tiles. Then you will reach the finish line and be able to kick them across the finish line. The tiles will scatter, and the one that goes the furthest will be the bonus you get, and if you make it to the end, you get another bonus.

Why Should You Download the Stack Colors App?

There are many cool things about the app that many people enjoy. You will have a game that has the ability to consume some time. If you are bored and waiting at say the DMV or a Doctor’s office, then this is one of the games that will help you kill a lot of your time and boredom. The game is free, and while it contains in-app purchases, there is nothing that makes you pay any money for the game. With over 10 million people who have the app, the best choice is to join them and install the app today.