Giant Rush! Free | Action
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Enjoy endless hours of exhilarating gameplay where you can improve your rushing skills and collect power-ups to grow more confident against the final boss. Dodging is just as important as attacking to avoid damage so use your wits in the Giant Rush Mobile app for the best results! This simple yet fun experience is increasing in popularity as a stress reliever and reliable game for downtime.

Giant Rush!
Price: Free
Category: Action
Average Rating: 4.2
Version: Varies by device
Developer: TapNation

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2. Choose Apps or Application manager
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4. Press Uninstall.

The Giant Rush Mobile app benefits players with a simplistic interface that allows for exciting gameplay that doesn't frustrate. If you're looking for something outside the box then this game will deliver some quality hours that are worth investing. This game presents you with challenging obstacle courses to keep you entertained as you approach the final goal. On the way, you will collect gems and collect companions to grow your power. This is a highly satisfying feeling because you'll need the extra boost when you make it to the final boss. There are some deadly traps that are a threat to your well-being, and it's important to exercise the right skills and resources to push forward and make it to the end.

At this point, you have no choice to fight, and it is an incredibly rewarding experience to slay the final enemy. There are different types of tracks to traverse with varying traps to look out for. You can enjoy various challenges and keep things fun by sharing with friends to see who can do better. There is a sense of progression as you get better and beat your previous score. You can also expect bug improvements that have since optimized the gaming experience. Keys can also be collected to improve your final score. It's a simple interface, but very rewarding and addicting for long hours of fun!

Features and Benefits

The first feature of this game is it has some colorful graphics. The concept is rather simplistic and not the most creative, but it gets the job done and doesn't overwhelm the senses while playing. You play as familiar stick figure avatars that can wear crowns and other accessories. Another feature includes the ability to dodge and this is impressive for a mobile game. You have to use reactionary skills to accomplish the goal and this is good for the mind. Overall, this game teaches you avoidance tactics and you learn how to pay attention to the various threats looming on the trail. There have been many running games similar to this one, but Giant Rush Stands out from the crowd and has a peculiar and charming mobile title. There is an exciting element of violence that is similar to a martial arts movie. You have to pay attention to your opponent and environment to accomplish the path safely. This can be challenging as you progress, but with time you can hone your skills to defeat the giant. You might get hit and die a few times before getting the hang of things and that's okay.

One of the great benefits of this game is it gives you the sense you're going somewhere. It's excellent for playing on long car rides or any other time where you're left waiting. It is increasing in popularity because of its beautiful graphics and colors that stimulate the senses and keep you coming back for more. It's a highly satisfying feeling to collect all different assortments of smaller power-up people of different colors. Enjoy a fun adventure that helps pass the time with characters that have no faces. That's right, it's almost like you're playing with drawings from signs, but this adds a unique quality to the game. It's a race as you run towards the finish line where you'll be greeted by a challenge with hidden rewards. This is a fun title that gives an immense sense of accomplishment and is great for unwinding after a long day. The obstacles might look bright and colorful, but you'll want to avoid them at all costs. Controls are easy to comprehend and it's accessible to most ages. Everything is easy to learn and that first victory will make you strive for many more to come! The Giant Rush Mobile App is a very satisfying and sharpened mobile game!

Pro's & Con's


  • Great graphics with interesting themes
  • Bright colors and fun concept
  • Easy to enjoy without getting frustrated
  • Fun to share with friends
  • Controls are easy to learn with simple tapping


  • Might get repetitive after a while
  • Might still be some bugs even after the update
  • Might be too easy for some who enjoy a challenge
  • way too many ads to deal with


The Giant Rush Mobile game is a great option if you're looking for a runner that isn't too hard or frustrating. It's not going to keep you on the edge of your seat, but it's a good game for decompressing and simply enjoying the colors. This is a good game if you enjoy collecting gems and items because you can grow towards beating your high score each time. The concept is very simple, and all the ads aren't necessary. This might be a dealbreaker for some, but it's worth it to try if you're curious and enjoy obstacle-running games.

The game definitely stands out as one of the more simplistic versions that's accessible to everyone. The truth is, it's a fun game that's worth the ad spam. Some have reported various glitches, but most of them have been fixed since a major patch update. You will enjoy the feeling of constantly moving and evading dangerous traps that can make or break your journey. These aren't too frustrating and it's relatively easy to get to the final boss. Repeatability is low, but it's worth having the experience for a while. It's free to download at your convenience from the mobile store at any time. Download and install the Giant Rush Mobile app today for a memorable and colorful ride!