Pot Shot-Crush Box Free | Casual
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Millions of people have downloaded the mobile app Pot Shot-Crush Box, a game where you shoot cannon balls at different boxes. The game looks interesting and has simple yet effective 3D graphics, so many people try it out. But is this cannon ball shooting game a blast of a time and worth your download?

Pot Shot-Crush Box
Price: Free
Category: Casual
Average Rating: 4.8
Version: Varies by device
Developer: San Fontaine

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

Pot Shot-Crush Box is a game where you have a cannon to knock boxes off of a platform in front of you. You tap the screen and a cannon ball will shoot out of your cannon and hit that spot, knocking the boxes off of the platform. Your goal each level is to get rid of all the boxes.

However, you have a limited number of shots each level, so you can't shoot your cannon balls randomly. You need to think about it and shoot them at locations that will knock off the most boxes. Otherwise, you'll get a game over and have to restart the entire level, so make each one count.

Each level is split into five sections, presenting boxes on platforms for you to knock off. The last section of each level is a boss, which involves the same gameplay. When you beat the level, you open a chest that gives you 100 diamonds, allowing you to make purchases to change up the gameplay.

How it Works

The game is simple when it comes to gameplay: you simply use the touch screen controls to handle everything, allowing anyone to play the game. With many games like this, the gameplay gets boring after a while, but the game offers a variety of ways to keep it interesting so that you keep playing through its levels.

For example, after you finish a level, you get diamonds that you can then use to purchase upgrades and changes for the game. You can purchase new cannons and different types of shots to change up the gameplay and find a style that works for you. For example, you can purchase a shotgun shot instead of using the standard one large cannon ball.

The game also uses different types of boxes and obstacles to make it harder as you progress through the levels. This includes glass boxes and TNT boxes to change things up and give you more strategy in levels. Also, you have black walls that will get in your way, requiring you to time your shots as you play the game.

Major Benefits

This game provides a variety of benefits that encourage people to continue playing. As you play through the levels, you can unlock and try out different shots and cannons so that you can mix it up and find something that will bring the best results. This way, you continue playing the game to try out different combinations and approaches.

While you earn 100 diamonds a level, you can watch a 30 second ad at the end of levels so that you can spin a wheel and earn more diamonds. This way, if you don't mind watching ads, you can quickly earn diamonds or continue playing the game as normal and earn them over time.

As another bonus, you can watch an ad to try out different types of cannons and shots during the levels. You just tap the icon in the bottom right corner and it will give you a different cannon type. This way, you can easily see which ones you will purchase later on.

Other Highlights

The game also provides different types of achievements for you to try and earn as you play. This includes beating certain types of levels, buying cannons and collecting diamonds. For those interested, it encourages them to continue playing the game until they earn all of the achievements, cannon and shot types.

The game also keeps track of your best score, which encourages you to continue playing so that you can get a new personal best. This way, you will continue playing the game to try and find the best combinations to get the highest score possible.

To add to all of this, the game is free to play and you just watch ads on occasion, such as when you start the game or when you get a game over. Otherwise, you can watch more ads to earn extra in-game rewards. Since it's free and simple, you can easily play during short periods of downtime in your day.


Pot Shot-Crush Box uses an simple premise to make it easy to play while incorporating different cannons, shots and backgrounds to keep the game interesting. It makes sense why so many people decided to install this game: it provides quick and effective fun. Give the game a download today to try it out for yourself