Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy Free | Racing
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Step into your new office as Mayor and get ready to make the tough decisions to grow your city with the exciting mobile app, Megapolis. With complete free reign, players may customize their cities as they see fit. On the agenda to address are items like optimizing city infrastructure, i.e. roads, growing entrepreneurship, advancing science, and building a beautiful city. Moreover, as mayors players will encounter touch, far-reaching decisions like investing in natural resources or becoming a wealthy oil nation. The day of a mayor is never over for players in Megapolis.

Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy
Price: Free
Category: Racing
Average Rating: 4.8
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Social Quantum Ltd

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City Infrastructure
Whether work, a park, or the store, everyone in the city has somewhere to go. It is up to the mayor to give them a safe and convenient way to do so. Players will be offered to grow their road systems early in the game to include the Ring Road. While this will help people with cars, some may need a public transport system. That is why players will want to quickly invest in subways and a bus system. Trains provide another option for mayors to consider for their city. They are especially beneficial, as they can transport people and cargo, like imports and exports. Supplies may also be brought in with ships and planes later in the game. Eventually, players can choose to build an airport with international terminals.

Brick and Mortars
An exciting feature of the game is building parks, monuments and housing complexes, which may be located and customized as the player sees fit. This means that mayors must think about where best to put subdivisions and apartments based on various work locations, the road system, and tax zones. These seemingly inconsequential decisions can be the difference between financial success and bankruptcy for the city and its citizens. Mayors may also give their citizens places to visit by constructing parks and monuments. Several structures based on their real-life counterparts may be added, including the Statue of Liberty and Stonehenge.

State Contests
An important way for mayors to earn upgrades, money for the city, and recognition is through state contests. Players make enter leagues with their fellow mayors in weekly contests. Earning collective points will lead to various rewards to be used in building a better city. There are also seasonal contests with more valuable rewards. If a mayor is recognized as being the top, he or she will receive a special emblem to display and uniquely rare upgrades.

Industrial Complexes
Players face the most decisions in how they grow their city's industrial complexes, in particular, which businesses they invest in. Moreover, this is what makes or breaks the bank in the player's city. One of the earliest and most impactful choices a mayor will make is whether to drill for oil or search for natural resources. They will also need to develop their own supply of raw materials, whatever they may be, and invest in manufacturing. Then, mayors will need to determine what if any safety restrictions to place upon factories and the general workforce. Decisions in this area of the game define a player's mayorship and their city.

Science and the Military
Two optional areas for players to explore are scientific advancements and an advanced military. Building and investing in a research center can bring the city new materials and better resources. It also will develop high-tech equipment to better society, like deep-sea research and survey boats. Advancements in the military will place your city in the arms race. As players build bigger and better weapons, the threat of war looms ever larger. The two, science and military, merge together in launching rockets. From the revolutionary spaceport, players may send their devastating rockets skyward.

Final Thoughts
The mobile app Megapolis gives players the job as city mayor complete with accolades and terrifyingly important decisions. From building roadways to rockets, the game will never dull. Install or download to build your unique city.