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If you are looking for a simple and entertaining game to cure your boredom, Get the Girl might be it. Advertisements for free to play games are plastered everywhere on social media. You may have seen at least one game ad that tricks you into playing a game that has nothing to do with the actual game. They lure you by showing you games that look challenging but in reality, the game is completely different. These ads bring you directly to the play store or app store and it’s quite a hassle when you just want to browse through social media in peace.

Luckily, Gamejam Co. does not falsely advertise but rather develops games that look fun on ads and are fun to play. Gamejam has a mobile app revenue of $20,000 for iOS apps and more than $5000 for Android apps. Their total download number is 8 million, 5 million for Android, and 3 million for iOS.

Get the Girl
Price: Free
Category: Casual
Average Rating: 4.8
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Get the Girl

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

They developed 41 apps in total including their most popular Toilet Games and Pin Bull. The second most popular downloaded game is Get the Girl with over 800,000 downloads last month. Get the Girl is a mobile app true to its title. The objective is to get the girl who is trapped in a cell without causing her any harm. Each level consists of different obstacles and it gets more challenging each time.

The girl is trapped behind dividers and it is your job to help the girl escape by dragging the dividers up, down, left, or right. The levels become slightly difficult because of different obstacles. Try not to get burned by fire and lave. Try not to drown from the water. Also, watch out for falling toilets and do not let the toilet paper get wet. It is designed like a maze with barriers and drawbacks. Some levels even have thieves that kidnap the girl which leads to your loss. You can protect her by dropping toilets on the thieves.
These are just the few game types featured in the game. Get the Girl features real puzzles that make you think as you progress. Your ultimate goal is to get a date with the girl once you save her. Another fun little feature is the interesting outcomes when you make the wrong choice. The comical characters react differently when you make bad choices.

• Go-To Game
No one wants to read the back of a shampoo bottle when they are in the bathroom. That’s why they bring their phones. If you’re in the bathroom discretely eliminating waste, this game helps absolve boredom.
• Entertaining and Progressive
It continues to get more difficult after a while. With over 300 levels, it is entertaining because of the different outcomes and effects.
• Ads
There is a ridiculous amount of ads after every two levels and it gets annoying after a while. Ads run up to 45 seconds as you progress to a higher level. Some reviewers say that it is pointless to install because of the number of ads. The ads are time-consuming, making it one of the cons of the game. Its current version is free and in-app purchases cost $4 each. A VIP Membership subscription offers a weekly subscription for $3.99. This removes all non-optional ads.  
• Crashing
Another con is that it glitches and crashes at triple-digit levels.
• Content Rating
Get the Girl is rated for children ages 7 and above but it should not be advertised for children under 10 years old because of mature themes and mild violence.
• Too Easy
Many users say that it might be a little too easy. Some of them even stop playing after certain levels. They suggest making it more difficult than average. When a game is too easy, it gets boring and no one likes that.
The developers consider hundreds of users’ opinions and suggestions. Users can email specific suggestions at It is also very considerate of Gamejam to do this so that a lot of people can install their apps.

There are more than 300 hundred levels and a lot of users love it. Get the Girl is a great game for people who get bored easily. Because there are so many ads, putting the phone on airplane mode is a no-brainer. It prevents incoming ads but there is a possibility for the game to crash. The mechanics are simple and the game works as it is advertised.
If you are up for a little game to play in your spare time when you wait for something or just something to play when you are bored, Get the Girl is an enjoyable game. It’s a bit of a mindless game because of how easy the levels are. It gets tricky even for a kid. There are funny moments in the game when you make the wrong choice and it is one of the features that make the game enjoyable. Be mindful of the numerous ads though. Other than that, it is still a good game