Guns of Glory: Build an Epic Army for the Kingdom Free | Adventure, Role Playing
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It's time to create the best army for building an epic Kingdom. Install and download the mobile app. Let the adventure begin! Was it the musketeers who killed the King? Not likely. The Cardinal has now taken over. Build your very own army and prepare the guns for a total triumph! This multiplayer game will help your team of powerful friends to come together globally. winning is everything.

Getting rid of the enemy using a determined strategy is part of the game. Fight against your adversary to protect and improve your castle. This is an RPG game (Role Playing Game) that moves fast. Character development and role-playing are acted-out in real-time. Great decisions have to be made thoughtfully and instantly!

Guns of Glory: Build an Epic Army for the Kingdom
Price: Free
Category: Adventure, Role Playing
Average Rating: 4.2
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Century Game

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

How to Play The Game
Install this FREE mobile app and start your victory over your rivals. All ages are welcome to play the game. Girls and boys alike. It's a role-playing game. The setting takes place during the Industrial Revolution. All pistols will be used on the battlefield to take down the enemy. Soldiers will utilize their guns to complete their mission. By providing gold, you can purchase better stables for your horses.

It's your responsibility to become the Lord of the Kingdom and prove your leadership qualities. You are the last guardian of the castle. The mischievous Cardinal has conquered the area. It's time to rule and retrieve the Crown of Destiny. The three Musketeers will become your allies. They will remove the king rat, the infernal bull and the zombie farmer for you. Put together the Airship with the assistance of your army. Become the supreme ruler once again!

Team Management
As an MMO MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), there will be many players participating. Creating a strong force will help your army dominate the zone. Managing the teams and roles is great for the development of leadership skills. Your guns are on the war-field. Every ally you have is prepared to defend your castle and kingdom. Come up with a camp where your soldiers can stay safe from the voracious beasts of the jungle. Train your Musketeers to get more farm plots and help expand your area of control. The killing of the enemy troops will demolish all of their remaining resources.

Some Features of the App:

  • Great HD graphics
  • Strategy implementation
  • Attacking the enemy
  • All players are on the same server
  • Involving a global group of interested players
  • A Kingdom game that uses strategic warfare rules
  • Making online guns and self-defense weapons
  • Airships that can shoot down the enemy
  • Construction of traps and tactics
  • Creating an empire is the main goal

A Well Thought-Out Strategy
Arm yourself with a range of skills. Download the Guns of Glory app on your iOs or Android mobile device and start playing the popular game created by "FUNPLUS". You'll need to construct a fortified and everlasting empire. Obtain indestructible weapons. Ensure the survival of your multiplayer world.

In this game stamina and endurance are a must. The Cardinal will be vanquished and replaced by you and your expert leadership. There's no other measure that can be achieved. Your strategy must be well-thought-out and implemented. Use your online international army of volunteers and experts to win the war games. Each person will assume a specific role.

With the raising of your powerful army, you can shoot down and strike fear on your enemy's team. The standard you create will rule the Kingdom after it has been taken back. New strategies can be tried-out using the Guns of Glory app. Soon you'll become an expert at management and governance over a Kingdom that had fallen into the wrong hands.