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Ellen Degeneres is one of the most famous talk show hosts in history. If you love Ellen, then you’ll love what they have cooked up in the “Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots and Casino Slot Games” app. They give you an immersive experience with not only Ellen but a whole new unique casino slot gaming experience. So what are the features, how do you play the game, and why should you download the mobile app? Let’s discuss down below.

Ellen’s Road to Riches Slots & Casino Slot Games
Price: Free
Category: Casino
Average Rating: 4.6
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Double Down Interactive LLC

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

Welcome bonuses are huge in casinos. Not as big in the free casino experience, and yet, it is still nice to get free, free money to play with, though, and one of the features is the welcome bonus to the tune of a few five million dollars that you can use to play the slots. Which is a vast amount of free money to play with, even if it’s basically play money with no monetary value in the real world.

In the game of casino slots, they have different worlds to travel through, whether they have different areas with different games or different games that have multiple layers, the worlds exist. In this case, you can advance to higher rounds of the Ellen casino slots game, and there are seven different worlds that you can advance through from the cheapest to the highest amount of money to be spent in a single game. With multiple games within each world, there are new layers of fun to peel back every time you sign on.

You can win big in games that you love and have seen on the Ellen Show. There are puzzles that you can play on Ellen, and you can choose your puzzles to. They are all Ellen inspired puzzles that you can complete, and as you complete them, you can even unlock rewards as you complete the puzzles. As you keep playing, you’ll get rewards. Unlike other casino games that have the same payout every single time, this is the different, very different. As you play in the same span, rather than the machine cooling off, the hotter the machine gets. That means that the more you put into a single machine, the more the payout increases, and it increases gradually.

Becoming a Loyalty Member will earn you more rewards, and better benefits from the game side, bonus content, unseen footage, and so much more with loyalty benefits. There are even contests within the app that are friendly competitions that are labeled Spin and Win Contests, and winning them reaps great rewards that you can lord over your fellow competitors when you win. You can even fill up a little Ellen piggy bank that will continually store up extra credits that you can break into and use later. There are also bonuses that you can collect during special events such as Double Points, which allow you to level up twice as fast, Free Spins of multiple varieties, and finally, the best one which is Better Odds, in which you can jack up the payout portion just by winning the bonuses at the daily and weekly special events.

How to Play the Ellen Casino Slot App

You sign up, get the bonus that’s five million free dollars. Open up the app, and play either puzzles or slots, and if you play puzzles, you can win and earn rewards, if you choose to play slots, you can have hours of limitless fun. You will spin to win more money, and then when you get more money, you put that in till you get more money until you win a massive amount, or you lose everything, and that’s the casino and gambling life, even though you’re not even playing with real money.

Why Should You Install the App?

You should at least try this free app, especially if you love Ellen Degeneres and The Ellen Show. This is a way to play and see all Ellen all the time. With benefits to becoming a Loyalty member, the possibilities of having a blast on this game are endless. The game is free and even offers a five million dollar welcome bonus to start you off. So what are you waiting for, get the app today.