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Word Collect focuses on teaching you new words while enjoying the game. Come see what this word game can offer you by reading this review.

Sometimes, you want a simple phone game you can play for enjoyment and learning. While crossword puzzles and number games can bring you tons of fun, you may want to learn new words for your vocabulary. This makes Word Collect an excellent app you can install to your phone for hours of fun.

Will Word Collect help you learn new words you can use, or should you find a different game to expand your vocabulary?

Word Collect – Free Word Games
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Category: Word
Average Rating: 5
Version: Varies by device
Developer: Super Lucky Games LLC

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4. Press Uninstall.

What Is Word Collect?

Word Collect is a mobile app that focuses on helping you learn new words and recognize them among letters. This happens as you play through the various levels and do your best to find all the words. Each level will have a word bank at the top, letting you know how many words you need to find and the number of letters in each word.

You will unlock more modes and expand the experience as you keep playing through the levels. For example, when you complete enough levels, you will work towards adding new books to your library collection. The more books you get, the more your library score increases, which shows your dedication to the game.

In short, Word Collect is a simple word puzzle game focused on helping you learn words while encouraging you to continue playing Word Collect.

How It Works

Word Collect uses extremely simple controls, making it easy for anyone to pick up and play. When you start a level, all the letters you need will appear on the bottom portion of the screen. You just have to drag your finger across the letters to spell different words that will then appear in the word bank. Once you get all the words, you will finish the level.

For example, if you have the letters G, B and A on your screen, you can spell bag with them. If you find any words not in the bank, they will count as extra words, which will give you more golden apples when you finish the level. Finishing levels helps you gain more currency to use in various ways.

The game contains lots of currency, such as coins, golden apples and gems. You can use coins to buy hints, golden apples for your library collection and gems to get a book pack. You can also purchase this currency with real life money. As you complete levels and gain currency, you can access new modes and gain benefits to help you enjoy the game.

This means Word Collect focuses on providing lots of levels and games to help you remain interested as you learn new words.


This game offers some features to keep you interested while encouraging you to continue playing it.

  • It tracks your words and word IQ.
  • You can unlock pets to give you advantages.
  • You can play multiple modes beyond the levels to keep things interesting.

While you play the game, your word IQ will increase, which is a score that gives you an idea of how many words you found in the game. The higher your word IQ, the more words you found. On top of this, the game will keep track of every word you found, let you know how many you need to find and give you access to those words whenever you want to see them.

As you play the game, you will collect cards you can use to unlock different pets. These pets will give you various benefits, such as earning more coins or using less coins when you want to get a hint. You have plenty of pets you can unlock as you play, so it doesn't hurt to unlock them and see how they can help you.

The game includes multiple modes to keep you entertained as you play. For example, you can play daily challenges to earn more points and enjoy new word puzzles. You can also unlock the League, specific categories and difficulty settings. If you want to unlock these modes, you need to reach certain levels in the main game.

These features make the game stand out since you have plenty of content to enjoy.


Since you can pull this game out and play it whenever you feel like it, you will enjoy multiple benefits. You can easily pull it out and play whenever you have some free time. Since the game will save your progress, you can pull out your phone and continue from the last level you played. This way, you can play in small bursts or for long periods of time.

The game includes multiple modes to help you avoid boredom. Even though you will continue to find words among the letters, you will also get new combinations and various modes to spice it up. This can help you stay engaged, continue to learn and enjoy the game as you unlock new modes and play them.

On top of those points, the game has daily challenges you can enjoy, ensuring you have a reason to go back to the app. Since the game constantly adds content and ways for you to enjoy it, you will never run out of content. This ensures you can continue to enjoy the game while giving you a reason to keep coming back.

If these benefits sound good to you, then you should also look into the pros and cons to further understand this game.

Pros and Cons

We want to start by talking about the major pros for Word Collect.

  • You can disable ads by watching ads.
  • You have consistent progression to give you a reason to return and play more.
  • The game lets you buy hints if you can't figure out a level.

Each of these pros focus on making the game more accessible while reducing any annoyances you may face. For example, you can disable ads for 24 hours by watching five of them, and you can buy hints with your coins if you face a difficult level. This way, you won't feel like you hit an unfair roadblock, so you can continue progressing.

Despite this, you need to look into the cons you may face.

  • It takes a long time to unlock all the modes.
  • You can guess your way through the levels.

If you want to play other modes, you will need to reach level 100 and even level 150, meaning it will take tons of time to unlock them. On top of this, you can keep guessing letter combinations until you win various levels, making it boring for people who don't want to think about the game.

Even though the game has some cons, the pros help it stand out as a fun app. Since you can learn words while enjoying tons of content, you can keep having fun as you play. This makes the game a notable distraction that also helps you learn new words. This way, you can expand your vocabulary while killing some time.


Word Collect will provide you with tons of fun if you like words games and want to expand your vocabulary. You can continue playing it to come across harder levels and see what the game offers. As you gain access to more modes, you can keep having fun with the game and get the most out of your download.

If you like word games and want something simple, you can always give Word Collect a try to see if you will enjoy it.