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Square Appointments: Booking, Scheduling, Payments

Online booking software has improved leaps and bounds over the last few years. One pioneer in that frontier is Square Appointments, which has grown to become a fully-featured POS solution. Square Appointments is booking software that has grown to become much more. The service allows businesses to take payments, create discounts, and accept tips. The […]


Google Ads

Google Ads is a mobile app currently available for download. Recent updates improved the visibility of the user interface and overall functionality. Employing Google Ads makes for a clear and concise step-by-step process for creating, managing and leveraging networks for your ad campaigns. Networking is built into the core of Google Ads. This frees up […]

AnyDesk Remote Control

People love to work on their computers, but they don’t always have access to them. Luckily, you can use the mobile app AnyDesk Remote Control to gain control of your computer or phone from a distance. Is this app worth downloading to use your computer from far away or should you just wait until you […]


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a mobile app designed to improve working environments. As with most Microsoft products, you can sign in with your existing Microsoft account information. You may also choose to create a new account with an unassociated email. After initially signing up, you’re taken to a screen to enter your name, company and country […]


What is this new app that businesses are saying is the fastest rising, and best collaboration app on the market? Well, the answer to that is the Slack mobile app. There is so much that can be done on this app within your own team. Not only does it allow you to communicate within your […]


dfndr security

Previously known as PSafe Total or PSafe Total Defender, the new free Dfndr security mobile app is a must-have app to protect your Android or iOS device against the growing threat of hackers who could destroy your smart phone’s operation or steal your personal data. Dfndr keeps your phone and data safe from viruses and […]


Zoom Cloud Conferencing App The Zoom Cloud Meeting app is the favorite replacement for better known video call or online conferencing tools because its sole focus is on facilitating group communication. Subsequently, it performs that function better than the rest. It has many uses including updating all your family and friends or mobile business meetings […]


BBC News

What is the free BBC News app? The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) makes its BBC News app available to download for free on iOS and Android. BBC News features top stories and breaking news from a global network of partners. If you like to customize the news you see, the app does offer a way […]

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has been for decades the essential word processing tool to enhance any set of productivity software on PCs. Fortunately, for those of you on the go with your mobile devices, the free Microsoft Word app provides the power to create, edit, share and otherwise access Word and PDF documents wherever you go. Download […]