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When you download the ESPN Mobile App on any of your Android devices, you can get started and watch the highlights from your best-loved sports on ESPN. Live-stream 24/7 all types of popular sports games. Picking your favorite team and getting your feed to let you know the score is one of the best features of the ESPN Mobile App. Best of all it's a FREE download to any mobile device including all of the Apple products.

The History of ESPN
Here's a little about the start of the ESPN network. In September of 1979 Bill and Scott Rasmussen, a father-and-son team located in Indiana, started ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) with headquarters in Bristol, Indiana-USA.

Price: Free
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Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

Fast Access to Playoffs
The top games of the day are curated so that you can access the scores you want and follow the NBA playoffs double-quick. The rivals of the MLB or Major League Baseball are also interested to follow this new app. Once you download the ESPN Mobile App, you can even stream College Football and Basketball games. On-demand shows like “First Take” and “Get Up”. All you have to do is log into the provider of your TV company.

The satellite network for ESPN covers 160 countries and with programs in 21 languages. Globally, the viewing audience worldwide ranges from 200 to 210 million people. That's why this app has been made to be downloaded to give any sports fan a feast for their eyes that will take them to another space and time!

Listening to the ESPN Podcast
ESPN radio is available and so are ESPN podcasts. You can subscribe and watch thousands of live events. Accessing ESPN's exclusive shows and best movies are easy. You can watch anywhere using your tablet or phone, as well as your TV after you download the ESPN App.

Your TV Provider and Live Streaming
If you're looking for access to your preferred ESPN video, at times it will be your TV provider who will determine whether or not they carry that package or not. But when you download the ESPN app on your mobile device, phone or tablet, you can live stream all the best shows and games including those on SEC Network and ESPNU and even the Longhorn Network.

The App's Success
The fact that there have been up to 10'000'000 downloads of the app on Android devices is a high mark of success for all you sports lovers with phones and equipment that uses Android. The feed will change from news about favorite sports to team-playing sports where you can get highlights of your choice and scores for all games.

Live Sports Coverage
You can experience live sports when you download the ESPN App. It's easy to get all the live sports coverage you want. Select from a Serie A, Live UFC Fight Nights, the US and Australian Open, as well as the Grand Slam game from Wimbledon. There are many college sports to look for when you get the ESPN App such as lacrosse, football, and basketball favorites.