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Fidelity Investments is widely recognized as one of the most popular brokerage and trading platforms in the entire industry. Users now have the exciting opportunity to take advantage of their high-quality digital app that is specifically designed to make trading simple and convenient.

All new users can dive into the Fidelity Investments app and immediately take advantage of market research and strategies that can teach you how to manage your money. You can easily use the high-quality interface within the app to view trade recommendations and manage your portfolio.

Fidelity Investments
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Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

In the next section of this review, we are going to begin exploring the various benefits that you might find within the Fidelity Investments mobile app. This app is integrated with dozens of useful features, including the fact that it provides users access to the entire stock market. You can check out the stock market's trending companies, and the biggest movers of the day on the market page. The Fidelity Investments app is currently available for download on the app store for free.

Features and Benefits

The Fidelity Investments app is certainly one of the industry-leading choices in terms of connecting users with the stock market through a digital portal. There are tons of useful market resources that can be used within the app. You can receive custom stock market news updates and notifications through the app. You can also filter out certain types of content based on your specific interests.

The organized digital interface allows you to utilize the Fidelity Investments as a utility that will allow you to track just about every type of stock or exchange-traded fund. New users can create their account within the app easily. Other features include portfolio management, market research, watch lists, news data, and timely notifications that can publish to your smartphone instantly.

You can also contact exchange-traded fund Fidelity Investments company representatives within the app by visiting the 'Contact' section. The enhanced digital experience has certainly created an impressive collection of features and resources that Fidelity Investments users can enjoy from their smartphone. Thousands of users have already taken advantage of this fantastic digital app, but you can certainly be the next person to reap the rewards by downloading and installing this app from the digital app store.


  • A High-Quality Digital Interface makes it Simple and Easy to Manage your Portfolio
  • In-Depth Market Research (Instant Access to ETFs and Stocks)
  • Custom News Feeds and Push Notifications
  • Contact Section to Get-in-Touch with a Fidelity Representative


  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Great Digital App Platform for New Investors
  • Extremely Organized App Design


  • Poor Network Connection within the App Occasionally


We highly recommend that you install the Fidelity Investments app if you are looking for news ways to invest and manage your money in the stock market. This popular investment platform provides new users with unprecedented access to the stock market in real-time. This Fidelity Investments app can be downloaded for free from the digital app stores for compatible smartphones.