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The desire and need for legit non-biased news is greater than ever. The past decade has expanded technology and started to phase out print, but with that has come an influx in fake news, conspiracy theorists and everyday people calling themselves journalists (who do not have any formal journalism training). It is tempting to tune it all out, stop reading or watching the news and letting social media profiles go dark. But, even as times change, one source has stayed true to its roots: The New York Times. Not only does it publish some of the United States' most comprehensive news every day, but it has stayed out of the fake news allegations and trends. Ready to get news your way? Consider The New York Times' app. Get the scoop below.

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The 411 on The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the country's oldest and most trusted news sources. First in print, and now in print, web and mobile forms, the paper has evolved and grown with the world. The app offers breaking news, multimedia stories and important headlines that have occurred across the country and the world. Get the scoop!

The App's Benefits

What is so great about The New York Times app? Well, we will tell you.

Expert Reporting: Read stories by some of the U.S.' best reporters, leaders and influencers, on the ground and in the know.

Award-Winning Journalism: The New York Times has won multiple awards, which speaks to the quality of the staff's reporting.

Top Stories: This redesigned feature groups similar stories together, to eliminate unnecessary time searching. Read more of what interests you.

Breaking News Alerts: Get links to the ever-evolving stories.

Offline Reading: Read wherever, whenever.

Share Stories: Share stories and photos to social networks or via text and email.

Multiple Formats: Read, watch and experience stories through print, video and virtual reality.

International Scoop: Find out what is happening at home and abroad, thanks to the paper's multiple bureaus scattered throughout the world.

Podcasts for Easy Listening: Tune in when you can.

Fun Crosswords: Enjoy daily puzzles with mini crosswords.

News in Spanish: Read in English or Spanish. Your choice.

Night Mode: Read at night and do not hurt your eyes.

All Digital Access: Get news, recipes and the crossword for a fee. Cancel if it is not for you. Get just the basics if you would prefer.

Support Offered: Email the team about any questions or glitches.

News Quizzes: Take weekly quizzes to learn how thoroughly you have been keeping up with the news.

Our Review of The New York Times' Mobile App

Breaking news: we love this app! Install it to get the latest scoop and never miss a story again. Be the envy of your friends, while staying abreast of all that is happening in the world. Download it to get the news first and read when you have time. The app makes it easy and engaging to stay informed. Sign up if you want access to some of the most in-depth reporting around.