Zappos: Shoes, clothes, boots, coats, & more! Free | Shopping
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Zappos is a mobile app where you can shop for various articles of clothing such as shoes, boots, coats, and more. While there may be many apps made for this purpose, Zappos is unique in its approach. The app offers features you do not see in other apps of its kind, and they make for a customer-friendly and tailored experience.

The app offers free next day delivery and free returns which makes shopping quick and convenient. One interesting feature that Zappos is the way you can search the store by clicking on emojis. There is even an emoji for pizza so that users can search for pizza-related clothing. This shows that the staff at Zappos seem to have a sense of humor, which always makes for a pleasant shopping experience. Another convenient aspect of the app is the way you can save your searches by favoriting items and adding them to lists. This makes it easy for you to pick up where you left off.

Zappos: Shoes, clothes, boots, coats, & more!
Price: Free
Category: Shopping
Average Rating: 4.6
Version: Varies by device

Uninstall the app:
1. Go to Settings menu
2. Choose Apps or Application manager
3. Touch the app you want to remove
4. Press Uninstall.

If you have ever browsed through a large clothing selection, you know how frustrating it can be to have to start searching the selections all over again. The ability to put the clothing into lists also allows you to create categories of potential outfits. If you do manage to find the perfect outfit while searching, you can easily share the clothes on social media. Just click on the item, and select the Share button. If you like a clothing brand's style, it is easy to view more of that brand. The More From Brand button will bring up a screen of other products from that brand. Returning customers also have tailored search results. This means you are more likely to see clothing that fits your style when you are browsing. At the bottom of the home page, you get a quick glimpse of your recently searched items, favorited items, lists, and recently viewed products. If you have a VIP account, your info will show down there as well. This makes the website easy to navigate.

What is the VIP program?

With the Zappos VIP program, you get even more benefits. The VIP program is essentially a rewards program for being a Zappos member. The greatest part of the VIP program is that it is completely free to join. The perks you receive as a VIP are worth signing up for, too. VIP members get to enjoy free expedited shipping on every purchase with no minimum purchase or strings attached. While you already get free shipping for using the app, this is a perk that will also extend to the browser version if you have the VIP program. VIP members earn a point for every dollar spent, as well as 5 points just for logging in and 10 points for reviewing a purchased item. You can earn even more points by purchasing certain brands during promotional periods. VIP members who have Amazon Prime accounts can also earn an extra point for every purchase. VIP points go towards VIP codes, which are worth anywhere from a dollar to a hundred dollars and are applied towards future purchases.

Where You Can Get Zappos

If you want to install the Zappos app, you can download it at the Google Play Store or the Apple store. If you prefer to do your shopping on a computer, you can also shop at Zappos using a web browser. However, the app has many features the browser version lacks. With the app, you receive free shipping regardless of if you are a VIP member or not. Plus, the push notifications conveniently let you know about things such as your refund status, if an item is low-in-stock, sales items, and point multipliers for the VIP program. Remember that good humor involving the pizza emoji? The app also has a fun feature involving laser cats whenever you scan your credit card. Contacting customer service on the Zappos app is easy as well, so you have quick access to a representative if you ever have any issues. Considering the perks, functionality, convenience, and quality customer service, the Zappos app is clearly the place to stay on top of the latest fashion trends.